Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kristoff - Sumatra - Torpedo

Kristoff - Sumatra
I"ve been smoking a lot of the Kristoff Maduro in the Robusto size these days.  Listed as a Robusto, this thing is sized more like a Toro.  Anyways, I've enjoyed the Maduro so much that I have bothered to try the newer Sumatran wrapped version.  Friends that recommended the Kirstoff have noticed how much I enjoy the cigar have said that the Sumatra wrapped version is even better and deserves a try. 
I picked up a fairly priced, 8$, Sumatra  Torpedo.  Every Kristoff Ive smoked has burnt well and has great flavor.  Surprisingly, these cigars are made with Dominican tobacco....usually I prefer Nicaraguan tobacco, but my recent Kristoff smokes have reminded me of why I love cigars so much.
Writing reviews and always thinking about the cigars as I smoke, I sometimes find myself focusing on details and different aspects of a cigar rather then just enjoying the experience.  The Kristoff selections are so good all-around, that I stop focusing on details and just admire how much I'm enjoying the cigar.  The flavors are complex and creamy.  I'm not going to list the flavor profile because I never made the effort to label what I was tasting - but I was say that the flavor is damn good.

The Sumatran Torpedo weighs in at 6.25" x 52 ring.  Wrapped in an earthy looking Ecuadorian Sumatran leaf, the cigar has a genuine feel to it.  The unfinished "shag" foot and the band style give the cigar an old-school Cuban vibe.  I don't know how to explain the feel you get from the look of the cigar, but you'll know what I mean when you pick one up to buy.  Kristoff did a lot to give a cigar that is cubanesque, but maintains its own identity at the same time.  The cigar has Brazilian binder and is a blend of mostly Dominican and a little Nicaraguan tobacco.
Tasty, aromatic and a bit sweeter then the Maduro selection, the cigar is an amazing smoke.  I can't say it enough.  I love these cigars.  The resting smoke is sweet and smells of cinammon.  I had pipe smokers in the shop telling me how good it smelled.  The cigar is full of flavor but very smooth and medium bodied; a perfect example of  full flavor doesn't have to be overpowering.  
I can't say whether I prefer the Sumatra over the Maduro series; as they are different types of cigars..  The sumatra is medium, floral, creamy and has some spice in the last third.  Where as the Maduro is beefy and thick; sweet in its own right, but a little more body than the Sumatra.
I highly recommend Kristoff cigars, expecially the "smaller"sizes.  A lot of flavor.  Smooth, well-made and hands-down amazing.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the information,The robusto is a small but flavorful cigar and according to me they are popular because of the short,but intense smoke they give.


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