Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Arturo Fuente - Hemingway Classic - Natural

Hemingway Classic - Natural
Debuted in 1983, the Hemingway Collection has been the cornerstone of Arturo Fuente's cigar business for years.  Known for consistent quality and a famous flavor profile, the series pays homage to the famous author for whom the cigar gets its name from - a man that smoked Fuentes regularly.  This cigar is a classic.  No surprise that it is named The Classic, it is arguable that no non-cuban cigar has more tradition and success than the Hemingway Classic
The Classic is a beautiful perfecto vitola, measuring 7" x 48 ring.  Rolled to perfection, with virtually no flaws on the delicate Cameroon wrapper leaf  - it is no wonder that Cigar Aficianado listed the Hemingway Classic as their #7 cigar of the year for 2009.  Proving the cigar's timeless taste and quality.  The Classic is bound and filled with Dominican tobacco.
I've smoked Hemingway's before, but never a Classic - this is a beautifully presented cigar and I'm excited to light it up.

Initial Thoughts
The cigar is something to behold.  You can see how well-made it is just by looking at it.  The perfecto vitola is a thing of beauty on this Fuente.  Cameroon wrapper's are particularly thin and fragile, so only the best rollers can roll the Classic.  The cigar is firm and seems to be of high-quality in every aspect.  Not particularly aromatic, the draw is slightly resistant and I don't get a lot of taste on the cold draw.
With the cigar lit, I'm not too blown away with the taste.  It is good, but it is predictable.  Then again, I tend to feel that way about most Fuente products.  If you've smoked a Fuente, you've smoked all of them (exluding Opus X and Anejos).  Surely there are differences and some better then others, but there is definitely similar qualities in all of their cigars.  For me, and my ADHD self, that is a let down, but in hindsight, that type of consistency is a testament to the quality of the Fuente product.  To have such consistent quality with the amount of production Fuente handles is pretty damn impressive.
The cigar burns nicely and produces tons of smoke.  Very smooth and a mild-medium body.  The flavor profile is cedary with a little cinnamon.

Smoking it and Final Thoughts
The Classic was an enjoyable smoke.  Not my favorite flavor profile.  But I'm sure this is perfect for a lot of people out there.  There was a lot to the cigar in the way of flavor.  I would say it is complex overall, but not in an evolving way.  The last third of the cigar kicked things up a bit, but you're tasting similar flavors throughout the cigar. 
I recommend the Classic to all mild and medium smokers.  The cigar smoked wonderfully and there is a lot of value in the product. 
I have a Maduro Classic on hand and will be doing a comparative review sometime soon.  So keep an eye out for that.
Overall, I enjoyed the cigar and came away with a better experience than I had expected.  The flavors of cedar, mild sweetness and cinnamon were almost fulfilling; lacking just a little bit of body for my taste. 

Overall - B (would be an A if I liked the flavor profile better)
Amazing quality.  Amazing burn. Consistent flavor

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