Monday, November 8, 2010

Thanks for your support - Also check out Opera For the Masses

Hey everyone,
Thank you for your continued support and interest in my site.  I write to give you guys a general descipion of cigars you may purchase; detailing information about taste, quality, value etc.   Also I think its fun to compare your thoughts and favorites with other people.  Everyone's palette is different, and you like what you like, so much of what I say may not apply to you.  With respect to value and quality, those are less subjective features then characteristics like flavor, appearance and whether I like a cigar or not. 

So read, have fun, compare and provide input.  Your comments are greatly appreciated and I enjoy an open dialogue with readers.  Guest reviews are welcome as well.  Contact me if you'd like to be featured!  Also, if you have a cigar you'd like featured, let me know.

Opera For the Masses - Sports, Entertainment, Guy Stuff
Visit the site  Opera For the Masses - check it out.....we cover sports, MMA, soccer, Seinfeld, Music - you name it.  All around - fun guy stuff.  Everything from the Top 10 Dylan songs to NFL picks.  Lots of useful information, lots of usless information too - we keep you informed and keep it fun!

And as a bonus - Review Cigars' Hot Girl Of The Day

Kelly Brook - America wake up!  It seemed England tried to keep this natural beauty to themselves for years, but a Reebok Tone billboard gained global attention when it had to be removed from aside a major roadway because it was causing accidents.
Once the world realized this gorgeous girl existed, everyone went crazy.  Playboy was lucky enough to get her to pose for them a month or so ago.  I recommend checking it out.  See the Reebok billboard below.
Is it the shoes?

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