Friday, October 15, 2010

Reviews Coming Soon!

Hey Smokin buddies - I've been smoking a lot these past few weeks.  Maybe its the cold weather, maybe I'm making up for the fact that I haven't been going out much.  But the point is, I have a lot of cigar reviews to post and a lot of cigars I want to smoke and review for you guys.

The list - (drumroll......)
1.) CAO - La Traviata - MADURO wrapped!  (New Release)
2.) Room 101 - LTD 101 Release (New and Limited Release)
3.) Oliva - V - Special Figurado (Beautiful cigar - Torpedo triple cap gradually increasing in size to the nippled foot)
4.) Tatuaje - The 7th Reserve (New Release - with a Broadleaf wrapper)
5.) Tatuaje - Petite Cazadores (New Release - its got a shag foot)

and many more.....

Keep you eye out for these reviews - I'll be running a contest soon so check back to see what it is.  About 3 weeks ago I ran a "What is your favorite cigar?" contest - the winner received $40 worth of premium cigars.

If you have any recommendations for reviews - please feel free to post your comments and suggestions

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