Monday, May 24, 2010

Padilla - Signature 1932 - Robusto

Padilla Signature 1932 - Released in 2006 by Padilla, the 1932 has garnered quite a bit of attention from the cigar community.  Owner of Padilla, Ernesto Padilla, made this cigar in honor of his father; 1932 is his father's birth year.  A collaboration between Padilla and Don Pepin Garcia, the 1932 was blended by Pepin and is rolled in Pepin's Miami-based El Rey De Los Habanos factory.
The cigar is a Nicaraguan Puro, featuring a 5-year aged Corojo wrapper.  The binder and filler are made of Criollo leaf and are aged for a substantial period of time as well.  The Signature 1932 is made in limited quanities and I've heard a lot of guys rank this cigar as one of their favorite smokes.

Prelight - I've heard a lot of good things about the 1932 and have never had a chance to smoke one.  I'd like to thank my friends at CigarsDirect for this sample.  The cigar looks like a good smoke, the wrapper is a toothy light brown and is shimmering with oil.  I mention that because the cigar has a hell of a lot of oil for a wrapper this light.
The overall construction seems solid and the cigar is heavy in the hand; a good indicator that it is well-packed.  Firm throughout, I don't see in apparent flaws.  I would expect nothing less from a Pepin-made stick. 
The cigar smells fresh and sweet.  The prelight draw has a welcomed amount of resistance with a sugary taste.  I've been waiting a while to enjoy one of these, lets see how it goes.

Sparking it - The cigar starts off with big clouds of light brown smoke.  I get a little bit of spice in the first few puffs, but that soon fades into a creamy sweetness.  The ash is burning into a spotted gray and light gray mix, and I go about an inch before moving to ash.  Judging by the strength of the ash against the ashtray, I could have kept it going for a while without it falling off.
I've heard that the Padilla Signature 1932 was a full-flavor but I don't necessarily agree.  While there might be a lot of flavor, the body is mild in my opinion.  I'm not saying that in a bad way, just a lot smoother than I expected. 
The cigar is remarkably smooth and creamy, almost tasting like root-beer.  The flavor is complex in itself, but there isn't much evolution as I approach the half-way mark.  I'm really enjoying the flavor and am anxious to see what it develops into.

Smoking it - The cigar burns like a champ throughout the smoke.  No touch-ups necessary, no re-lights, just enjoyable smoking.  After the halfway point the body picks up a bit, but it stays on the mild side of medium.  The creamy sweetness lingers all the way through the cigar.  I must say the final third was the best part of the smoke.  Shortly after the halfway point I started to get a little flavor evolution, and by the beginning of the final third I was tasting something like roasted chestnuts and a stronger vanilla flavor.

I enjoyed the 1932.  Not as powerful as I expected, but it was a tremendously sweet and creamy smoke.  The flavor profile was unique.  I've smoked cigars that had similar qualities, but not the abundant flavor with the creaminess. 
I recommend this cigar to anyone looking for a creamy smoke.  You could enjoy this cigar any time of the day.  I smoked this on an empty-stomach and was left with no head-ache or churning stomach.  This would be great paired with a dark-roast coffee to balance the sweet profile.

Overall - B

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  1. If the cigar in the picture was the one you smoked it was not a Pepin stick. Pepin split from Padilla around 2007 and you can tell the difference in the old and newer versions of the 1932 by the Padilla name on the wrapper. The Pepin sticks were printed and post Pepin had the name Padilla in handwriting like the picture. A great stick nonetheless but just had to point that out.


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