Friday, May 21, 2010

Cigars are a wonderful thing

With so many great options in the cigar world these days, it is easy for a smoker to find themselves smoking many different cigars without really trying something different. By this I mean, there are so many great cigars, that you could smoke a new cigar every day for months while staying in your comfort zone of flavor and strength. I encourage blind trades with buddies and friends you meet in the online community.

Go outside your comfort zone and try different cigars. Try a cigar because the label looks cool, or try a cigar because it has a Brazilian wrapper, or try a cigar because its $5 and you happen to have a $5 bill in your wallet. Whatever your reason may be, just do it. We've reached a time in history where we can legally purchase cigars can rival Cuban classics, so don't smoke your old favorites in fear of wasting a few bucks on a new cigar you may not could be passing up a new favorite smoke without knowing it.

Two days ago I stopped in a cigar shop that is off the beaten path a bit and while I've been in there before, I've never really spent much time there. The selection is crap compared to the nicer shops in the area, but the seating area is comfy and there always seems to be a nice collection of guys hanging out.

As I sat listening to this group talk about how the Rocky Patel Edge is the best cigar ever, (I almost felt sorry for them) I was moved to ask if they had ever smoked a Tatuaje, Liga Privada or VSG. I might as well have been speaking a different language. They had no clue what I was talking about and it didn't matter. Conversation moved back to the main topic and flowed into talks about life, children, name it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is cigars are fun to try, review, talk about, share; but the real reason we love smoking is the conversation and comradery that comes with a shared interest. Cigars offer us a welcome break from our fast paced lives. They are like mini-time machines is the sense that they take us to a time and place where first names matter and friends and/or strangers can share good conversation. All men in that smoking circle have an equal right to speak their mind, and everyone is happy to sit back and relax.

Cigars are a wonderful thing. Not just for what they are, but for what they represent.

I once saw Auther/writer for Wall Street Journal, David Brooks, speak at an event. Mr. Brooks covers both political parties and knows Presidents and Senators on a personal level. One thing he said in concluding his speech had to do with what is wrong with today's cut-throat political landscape. He said (and I'm paraphrasing...) "The problem is that each party doesn't view the other party as human beings anymore. Years ago, Politicians from both parties would end their day of legislation by sitting down with one another, sharing some bourbon and smoking a cigar."

Cigars are a wonderful thing.

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