Friday, March 5, 2010

Meeting Pete Johnson Tomorrow!

Every now and then I find myself getting bored with cigars, or I run a streak of smoking cigars that I'm not impressed with. Two weeks ago I fell in love with a sampler pack of Tatuaje Havana VIs I purchased. My local shops don't have the Tatuaje brand, so I've been longing for the flavors I found in the Havana VI. Instead of doing the smart thing and purchasing more Tatuajes off the internet, I decided to search for a shop that carries them.
During my quest for Tatuajes I smoked a variety of sticks, trying satisfy my need for a great cigar. I tried new cigars, I smoked old favorites - I even re-tried cigars that I said I'd never smoke again. I tell ya, I haven't liked the taste of a cigar since those Havana VIs left my life.

Today I found a shop about an hour away that carries Tatuaje! I made the trip and felt like a kid in a candy store. This shop had everything; a true collection of premium smokes. The name of shop is The Humidour. It is located in Cockeysville, MD - I recommend checking this place out.

Anyways, I made a special trip to pick up a couple Tatuajes. When I arrive at the shop and hit the walk in humidor there are signs all over the place advertising a Tatuaje event tomorrow! How happy was I? Extremely. To make it better, Pete Johnson is going to be at the event.

I will make a post tomorrow describing the event. I hope to get a chance to talk with Pete.

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