Saturday, March 6, 2010

Tatuaje Event With Pete Johnson

Yesterday I was lucky enough to find out about today's Tatuaje event at The Humidour in Cockeysville, MD. Since becoming a Tatuaje fan, I can't get enough of their cigars. So I was pretty pumped for the event. On top of the excitement was the fact that the event would actually be hosted by Tatuaje's owner, Pete Johnson.

The Humidour put on a hell of an event. Good food, great specials and a friendly staff. I also met a couple guys from the cigar blog community and had some good conversation.

I picked up a box of Red Tubos and got a good grip of bonus products with the purchase. With a box purchase, Pete threw in a slick looking Tatuaje beanie, a Tatuaje swag bag and a 3-pack of Black Label Cigars that are only available for special events. I will have the reviews of both the Red Tubo and the special blend soon. I smoked on of the Black Labels and let me tell you, it tasted like cigar candy. Absolutely delicious. Very unique smoke.

Thanks to Pete and the staff at the Humidour.

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