Monday, March 1, 2010

Don Pepin Garcia - Blue Label

Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label - Produced by Don Pepin in Miami, the Blue Label is made of 100% Nicaraguan tobacco. Pepin is known for his masterful blends, but there are some critics of Pepin's own lines. It seems that he saves all his good mixes for Tatuaje. Haha, I'm kidding - but seriously, it seems that way. Of Pepin's brands, the Blue Label is known as the most popular. (other than the My Father) Lets see what the Blue Label is all about.

Prelight- The cigar looks great and feels solid. I didn't expect anything less than top-notch construction from a Pepin made stick. The wrapper is a medium-chocolate brown and has a smooth look. There is a light sheen of oil on the cigar, and the cigar feels stiff to the touch. The prelight draw is slightly resistant and tastes of cocoa.

Sparking it- The stick lights with ease and away we go. The slightly resistant draw produces an adequate amount of smoke, but it isn't pouring clouds. The draw and smoke it delivers feel very flat and empty in the mouth. The first few puffs have the signature Pepin pepper, and that slowly fades after the first half an inch or so. How the hell does Pepin do that in every stick he blends?

Smoking it- The cigar has a good taste. Mainly chocolate and wood tastes. The stick produces more medium flavored smoke then full flavors. I'm a little disappointed in the overall experience of smoking this stick. The cigar doesn't show much complexity, and I had to touch it up once or twice. Towards the last third of the stick, the flavors started to taste very bitter.
Another part of this smoke that I didn't care for was the look of the ash. Rather than burning to an attractive white ash, this stick produced a spotty dark ash, almost black in some areas.
I wouldn't go as far to say this cigar is bad. I may be a little hard on the Blue Label because I've come to expect so much from his blends. But I won't be buying another Blue Label any time soon.

Overall- C+

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