Saturday, January 23, 2010

Alec Bradley - Tempus

Alec Bradley Tempus- The Tempus has received much acclaim by the big review sources. A 94 from Cigar Aficianado and other above 90 ratings from various sources, one would think this would be a cigar that every smoker would love. But a true testament to the differences in palette and taste, this stick draws praise and criticism from both ends of the spectrum and no where in between. It is blended with Cuban-seed Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos and wrapped with a Criollo wrapper.

Prelight- I reach for a Churchill because I have a good amount of time to relax and am looking for a cigar to keep me company. The wrapper on this stick is attractive. Some gold foil with nice styling and an extra wrapper at the foot that reads "Tempus", it really is eye-catching. The Criollo wrapper has some veins and a rugged look, but the construction looks tight. The cigar smells a little of licorice and mild sweet tobacco. The prelight draw is smooth and has a peppery taste. Looks like this is going to be a good smoke.

Sparking it- Lights quick, first few draws are without issue and the tobacco is surprisingly milder than I expected from a cigar listed as a full flavor. The flavoring is definitely unique. I don't find the taste of cigar to be anything to jump up and down about, but it is nice on the palette. Although I'm a fan of full, complex flavoring- this cigars medium bodied beginning is a nice change of pace. The burn is even and I like what I'm smoking.

Smoking it- I've heard people say that they've had issues with the cigar going out or uneven burns, but I've experienced none of that. A '94' rating from CA, may be a little much. But this cigar is good. At $10 for a Churchill, I think there is some value in this stick. Overall, it is an enjoyable smoke. As I said before the cigar is smooth and the flavors are unique. Nothing really stands out as the prominent flavor, but there is some subtle evolution from start to finish. Towards the end the milder than expected taste turns to a peppery tingle, with Criollo taste shining through. I like this cigar. It won't be an everyday smoke, but I could see myself reaching for it again.

Overall- B+

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