Friday, January 22, 2010

Ashton VSG Torpedo

Ashton VSG- This Cigar is hailed as the best in the Ashton line. Blended from Dominican tobacco aged 4-5 years, and wrapped with an Ecuadorian leaf this stick is a beauty. The line carries enough sizes to fill a travel humidor - all of them over $10 or $11. This Cigar is a top pick of a lot smokers out there and has scored above a 90 in tons of publications.

Prelight - The construction looks solid and the wrapper is slightly veiny with straight seams. As a said before - beautiful. I snipped about 1/2" off the torpedo end and the prelight draw was sweet as hell. The cigar itself even has a sweet, coffee aroma. I'm excited to smoke this cigar.

Sparking it- With a torch lit, I spark the VSG. I'm happy to find the sweet flavor from the prelight comes with the first few drags. The flavor is complex and full, but no where near overpowering. Straight-up smooth is a good way to describe the flavor. I kick back and start enjoying the smoke. As I relax, I get a little disturbed that the cigar is running on one side and burning a little uneven. The flame seems to be following a vein trail - so I decide to give it the chance to even out.

Smoking it- The uneven burn requires a little attention after all but nothing that took away from the smoking experience. The ash is solid as a rock. At an 1 and 1/2" I decided it was a good time to end my experiment on ash strength (I don't want it on me and the floor). I go to ash and I actually have to roll the cigar with a little force before this brick of an ash breaks off. Wow, nice construction. The flavor is great too. Just like I like it; sweet, full and complex. Not so much creamy as it is smooth. Really a good smoke. At the $14 I paid, I'll keep this smoke for special events and depressing times, but I will go back to the VSG.

Overall- A-

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