Saturday, January 23, 2010

601 Maduro Blue

601 Maduro Box Press- Made by Don Pepin Garcia in Nicaragua, this box-press surprised a lot of folks when it took #6 on Cigar Aficianado's Top 25 list for 2009. This is 601's only box press and is said to be made in limited quantities to ensure quality. The stick is a Nicaraguan Puro made with a Habano Maduro wrapper.

Prelight- Nothing really jumps out and says "SMOKE ME!" about this cigar. The wrapper is veinless and smooth, the seams look tight - the construction looks great. But this stick sits on the bottom shelf of my preferred smoke shop's humidor and I've overlooked this cigar hundreds of time. I love Nicaraguan Puros, I love Box-Pressed cigars. Where has it been all my life? Honestly, I would have never noticed it had it not been for its inclusion in this year's CA Top 25. The cigar and prelight smell sweet. With the cap clipped it is time to spark this bitch.

Sparking it- With a flame to the foot and a couple puffs I'm in business. Damn, I tell you what- the body on this cigar is smooth and sweet. I take a wiff off the burning foot and the aromas are great. So far I'm impressed and excited. If 601 would have included a big flashing arrow sign with this cigar I would have smoked it a long time ago. Nothing amazes me about the flavor, but it is sweet and has a coffee taste to it. One word comes to mind: Tasty.

Smoking it- Unfortunately, the cigar never takes me anywhere other than the initial smooth flavoring. Don't get me wrong. I like it. Great cigar. But the cigar blows your load on the first third and then wants to cuddle for the remainder. I don't have anything bad to say about the cigar. Nice construction, the box press end isn't as solid as some box-press cigars that I enjoy biting while I smoke, but that has little affect on the smoke. This is a great cigar for the full-flavored smoker who wants to take a little break from concentrating on sublties of complex smokes. Also a great smoke for hanging with friends or playing pool with the guys. The stick burns even and needs no attention. Unfortunately, the same applies to the pleasurable but static flavoring.

Overall- B

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