Thursday, August 4, 2011

Quick Stick: Tatuaje Verocu #5

Tatuaje - Havana VI - Verocu #5

The unbanded cigar is a nice smoke; stronger then the larger sizes in the Havana VI (red label) line.  Weighing in at 4" x 40 ring, the Verocu #5 is a badass little smoke that results in an enjoyable half an hour. 

If you like Pete Johnson's stuff, this is worth a try.  I would recommend this smoke to most smokers.  If you havent liked the red label line, this vitola may give you an appreciation for the blend as it has a little more kick then the other sizes.

Credit to for the beautiful picture
The cigar bunrs decently.  No touch ups, but it went out on me once when I didn't expect if to.  Also, it got a little hot in the last third.  The cigar burns the lips and the smoke demands a cool drink to sip on.  With that being the only flaw.  But you've got to take into consideration Ismoke fast nad had been puffing on the cigar to keep it lit.  Its difficult to say, but this box might have had a little too much humidity = as it seemed to be a freshly open box in the humidor.

I feel like a lot of people enjoy the bigger smokes, but I personally like smaller smokes, and I see so many new small vitolas that it makes me wonder if smaller stogies are a trend in its early stages.  People are busy and short on cash.  A $4 cigar that you know is going to be quality and taste amazing is hard to pass up when there are so many $9-10 smokes that leave you wondering why you bought it. 

Again - thanks to for the picture. 

Overall - No grade - its good - I've only had one.  I suggest you try one.


  1. Since ban on smoking in public indoors, enjoying cigars has become a lot more difficult. Smoking is banned, but after reading your blog seems to be very funny to smoke.

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  2. A trend is coming back every 20 years or so... 20 years ago nobody smoked thick cigars. This was a trend for now. Cigars became thicker and thicker. But now as everybody smokes fat sticks, thinner ones get more and more charming, because they are kinda special. I bet in the next ten years thin cigars will get much more popular again. Not only because this is trendy, but of course because they are fantastic!
    Best regards from germany
    Humidor (aka Torget)

  3. I am very happy to see cigars making a comeback! I really like unbanded cigars as they seem far less pretentious and have a more natural look.

  4. Not a fan of the spam guys. I'll talk advertising with your companies, but I'm going to start deleting any blatant spam. thanks.


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