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Joya de Nicaragua - Antano Dark Corojo - Peligroso

Joya de Nicaragua - Antano Dark Corojo - Peligroso
Quick Analysis
JdN is a great brand with a lot of value you in their lines.  It is no wonder Drew Estate now distributes them, and I feel the brand fits well in Drew Estate's brand line-up. 

The Antano Dark Corojo Peligroso is the smallest size in the series weighing in at 5" X 44 ring - a great size for my preferences. 

The Dark Corojo is basically the Antano 1970 (click for review) with a dark corojo wrapper - shocker!  I love the original Antano line so I was excited when they introduced the DC a while back.  If you check out my reviews of the original Antano 1970 (there are 2 for 2 sizes) mind you that the Peligroso is a much smaller cigar than the two smoked in those reviews.  The wrapper to filler ratio difference really throws a wrench in the mix on trying to compare the lines through my reviews.

Quick Smoke Run Down
I'll keep this short and to the point.  I've smoked a lot of these because its a great size when you're short on time or want a lot of flavor for around $5.  The larger sizes are very different and I'll review one of those sometime soon.

The cigar is well-made and the wrapper is a rusty-dark brown, almost has a rosado wrapper hue to it.  The gold foil and black band and foot band give the cigar a nice look and really separate it from the original line.

The Antano is known to be a powerhouse and people often expect the DC to be even more of an ass kicker, but the small size (ring gauge) makes  the Peligroso a little smoother as the ligero in the filler is what reall gives the cigar its kick.  The Peligroso is surprisingl smooth and opens up with a bold bit of spice that soons tones down.  Just a third of the way in the cigar smoke takes on a creamy feel and the while the spice is still present, there is some sweetness in the mix.

This Nicaraguan puro is rich and bold, but it is smoother than you might expect.  The corojo wrapper keeps a touch of sweet spice and cinnammon in the mix while some chocolate and woody flavors show up.  A short, 30 minute smoke,  this isn't super complex, but there is some depth to it.

So don't be afraid, give this smoke a try, starting with this size.  A lot of people ask me, "Whats a good smoke when I'm short on time and don't want to spend ten bucks?"  The Peligroso is one of my suggestions. 

Keep an eye out for my review a larger size, because it is a very different experience.

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  1. Just ordered a box of the Peligroso due to its great popularity. I'm expecting them with in the next day or two (05/10/2012)


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