Thursday, January 21, 2010

Joya De Nicaragua - Antano 1970

The Antano 1970 - Made by Joya De Nicaragua this is a Nicaraguan Puro. Meaning, all the tobacco used in this bad boy (filler, binder, wrapper) is grown in Nicaraguan. Being a fan of a few other Puros from that country I had to give it a try. Antano means "yesteryear" en espanol. This cigar was made in homage to the cigar this company produced in the 70's - which, according to the company, was very popular at the time. I was born in '84, so I'll take their word for it.

Prelight- Right off the bat, I'm in love. I went for the Gran Perfecto. The cigar is big, has a bulbous front end and I pictured how badass I would look smoking it. The cigar feels like any perfect ass on a woman, firm but juicy at the same time. Straight up, this cigar is sexy. Before you think I'm fucked up in the head, check out this stick. Anyways, the aroma off this is sweet and creamy. Odd for a cigar known to be very full in flavor. The prelight draw only brings more sweet aroma; I'm getting excited reaching for a lighter.

Sparking it- Back to how sexy this cigar is, the foot comes to a nipple and flaries outward as it goes back. Truly a beauty. Surprisingly, the nipple served well to light this fatty; with only three puffs, I was in business. First impression on the smoke- creamy, sweet, hell yeah. I'm not a fan of mild cigars that usually get the creamy tag, but this creamy is full flavored. This is a man's cigar and its got flavor. As I really start smoking this I can only admire the construction on this stick.

Smoking it- The first half of this cigar has me satisfied and happy. The sweet aromas with full flavor combo is hard to find- and the creamy pull of the smoke is fantastic. I have a short glass of Johnny Walker Black which couples with this smoke very well. And no, I'm not drunk. But if I was, I'd definitely be late-night text messaging this sexy bitch. The bulbous front end presented a little uneven burning as it first progressed, but nothing that distracted me from the amazing smoke. French-inhaling this cigar was a pleasure.

Overall- To put it lightly, FUCK YEAH. Awesome cigar. At $12, I was hoping it'd be good, but it turned out to be great. Definitely a new top 5 favorite of mine. I recommend this to every cigar smoker out there. For those of you that enjoy mild sticks, I urge you to give this a try. Many people get the wrong idea about "full" flavored cigars, because many tend to end harsh and be too spicy for those that enjoy a mild smoke. But this cigar isn't so much full as it is full with flavor. The cigar is complex and evolved throughout. Clinging on to the creaminess throughout. Hands down a bad ass cigar. From the sexy look to the sweet ass smoke, this one is a keeper. I'd love to see what aging a box of these would do.

Score- A+

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  1. A great smoke. Even better on a empty stomach because u will feel light headed after this smoke. A+++


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