Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guillermo Leon Signature - Corona

Guillermo Leon Signature - Corona
As the VP of La Aurora, Mr. Leon is out to make a statement with a line bearing his name.  The Guillermo Leon's is a good looking cigar, and I've smoked about three different sizes.  Of the ones I've smoked, I find the Corona to be the perfect mixture of wrapper to filler ratio, weighing in at 5 1/2" x 42 ring gauge, I think the quality wrapper shines brings a richness that the larger gauges don't have.  In fact the larger gauges were a little more spicy on the palette then I prefer.  The corona however, with its 42 ring gauge highlights the quality wrapper

Guillermo Leon cigars have a chocolatey-brown Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.  Ecuador has been a hotbed for wrapper leaf these days.  With ideal soil conditions and cloudy weather, they sun is filtered in such a wa to provide a unique wrapper leaf.
Another interesting aspect of this cigar is its double binder.  Leon uses a Cameroon binder to provide some sweetness and a corojo binder to give a little punch.
The filler is then a unique blend of Peruvian (rare to see that), Dominican, Nicaraguan, and my personal favorite, Brazilian tobacco.  That filler mixture alone had me pumped to give this stick a few tries.  Not to mention it is a good looking cigar.
The rich dark brown wrapper is smooth and flawless, and the band has a sophisticated look, topped off with Guillermo's signature.  When a man puts his signature on a stick, you know hes proud of this produt and is willing to put his name on the line because he knows hes got a quality cigar. 
On the Topic of La Aurora
Leon is taking this company in the right direction.  In 2010, the company debuted the 107, celebrating the 107th birthday of the brand.  The company offered free samples in smoke shops throughout the country.  The cigar was meant to find a niche in a medium to low pricepoint, while offering a quality smoke.  This marketing effort, followed up by Guillermo's signature series, Leon is doing all the right things to get La Aurora back on the map.

The Corona
The Corona is one hell of a smoke.  A true nose cigar.  I love french-inhaling when I smoke, and this cigar provided a lot of complex flavor and aroma.  The signature series is a little bit stronger then most of La Aurora's offerings and a welcome blend in my opinion.  My favorite smoke shop, Cross Street Tobacco's owner is a no bullshit smoker and tells it like it is.  I mentioned I liked the look of the cigar and was aware of Leon's dedication to bringing Aurora back into prominence.  The shop owner told me, straight up, this was a good cigar.  That had me going in with high expectations, and sometimes high expectations can leave you disappointed.  Not in this situation though....not at all.

Flavor and Construction
The cigar burned incredibly.  No touch ups necessary, the burn was even and smooth.  So the construction gets an 'A'.  The flavor was rich, full and complex.  I tasted some deep fruity notes, a creamy feel on the palette and a nice kick of spice that kept you on your toes without being harsh.  When it comes to flavor, I don't want to give too much personal opinion because everyone's palette is difference and I want people to make their own decisions on the cigar.  But I really enjoyed this smoke and think Mr. Leon has got a good plan in action.

Great cigar, and at a $8-$9 pricepoint it has a lot of value.  If blindfolded, I might have thought I was smoking a smaller ring gauged Ashton VSG - (click that link for a VSG review).

So go out and smoke this cigar, you will not be disappointed.



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