Monday, February 7, 2011

Padron 1964 Anniversary - Principe Natural

Padron 1964 Principe -
Work has been hectic lately, and with a lot of work comes a paycheck that makes me happy.  With that said, I've been smoking top shelf stuff the past two weeks.  It truly is the best way I have to reward myself these days.
So, my recent smokes have been good ones.  I didn't go as far as dropping $30 on a Padron Family Reserve #44, but I've been enjoying myself.  Short on time the other day I reached for the Padron Principe.  I've smoked my share of Maduro wrapped 64's in a variety sizes, but not many naturals wrappers.  Knowing the wrapper leaf's flavor would come through on such a slim ring gauge, I felt this was a good stick to try a natty wrapper.
The Principe is the smallest of the 64 series, measuring about 4 1/2" with a 42 ring.  Like all the Anniversarys; the Principe is a box-pressed.

Smoking it
The cigar lit with ease and had an effortless draw.  Each puff produced plumes of creamy smoke.  The cigar is small, but really an enjoyable smoke through and through.  If you're in a hurry you can be done this thing in 25 min, but I sat back and relished in the moment.  I pushed the smoke back and forth in my mouth, analyzing the subtlties of the flavor. 
I just smoked a Padron 64 Exclusivo - with a Maduro wrapper the day before, so I was able to pinpoint some of the wrapper's influence on the cigar's flavor.  For the most part, the natural provided a creamier, medium body with an earthy flavor.  Where as the maduro had a rich, full body with chocolate and coffee flaors.
All in all a great smoke.  At 10$ it is a little steep for a smaller cigar.  But it is worth it when you feel like rewarding yourself but you're short on time.  The Natural Principe was complex and tasty.  The smoke was creamy and plentiful.  Only 4 1/2", the cigar had a lot going on and there was variation throughout.  I tasted dried fruit, cream and earthy flavors.
Smoke one!


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