Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WINNER OF THE 'Favorite Cigar' Contest

Congratulations to Karl Tomkins - Winner of the Favorite Cigar contest -
I chose Karl because he chose The Liga Privada - Dirty Rat, but also mentioned a lower cost smoke that he enjoys as well.  That little bit of extra insight gave me reason to pick Karl's entry.

Thanks to all who entered!

Karl's prize consisted of an Asthon Estate Grown Churchill ($20) provided by CigarsDirect and a Tatuaje out of my collection. 

I hope you enjoy them!


  1. Hey Matt, great job with the blog. I remember you talking about cigars last time we hung out, but I didn't know you were into them like this. I enjoy a solid cigar on vacation or special occasions but otherwise have really only experienced the likes of black & milds. What's your favorite summer vacation cigar? Think sitting on a boat in the sun, drinking on some Sam Adams Summer Ale.

  2. I also want to congratulate Karl Tomkins for being the winner of the Favorite Cigar contest.


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