Sunday, October 10, 2010

Padron - 1964 Series - Principe

Padron- 1964 Series - Principe Vitola - I don't think this brand or cigar needs much introduction.  The 64's were released in 1994 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Padron brand.  The 1964's are without a doubt one of Padron's top of the line series.  Hand-crafted by only the elite rollers, these cigars are a picture of quality.
The Principle is a small smoke (I favor a good small smoke) weighing in at 4.5" with a 46 ring guage.  This is the perfect size for an hour sit down.  The 64' collection is offered in a natural or maduro wrapper.  I've picked up the maduro for this smoke.

I'll keep this review short and just give you the highlights
- The cigar looked flawless.  Beautiful, box-pressed and ready to smoke - this cigar has a deep fruit smell and other rich aromas.  The prelight draw is effortless and tasty.

- The cigar smokes like a champ.  The ash holds on tight and the cigar burns with a razor's edge.  The entire experience was enjoyable and I recommend smoking a 64' when you have the chance and a few extra bucks.  The flavor profile is complex and has a variety of subtlies and nuances.  Everything from port wine to earthy notes, what this cigar lacks in overall size it makes up for in flavor. 

-Unfortunately the cigar costs around $10 for a rather small vitola, but every now and then an expensive smoke is justified.  The cigar varies from medium to full, but even at its fullest,  the smoke is incredibly smooth and creamy.  The creaminess is felt in texture and rich in taste. 

Overall - A


  1. Nice review! I think you may be on to something! Haha

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