Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tatuaje - Miami Cazadores

Tatuaje - Cazadores - Unless you've been under a rock, Tatuaje needs no introduction.  The owner, Pete Johnson set out withthe goal of creating cigars that could rival Cuban cigars in taste and performance.  If you've had the opportunity to smoke this brand, you're more than likely to agree that he's accomplished his goal.  The cigars are great, and I personally have had no complaints.  Sure I had one that didn't burnt horribly, and the Verocu tubes had some wrapper issues, but 90% of them smoke perfectly, with the other smoking well enough to enjoy.
This cigar is part of the "Brown Label" series which are rolled right here in the good ole USA.  Using Nicaraguan tobacco, Pete has these sticks rolled in Pepin's Little Havana factory.  The Cazadores is 6' 3/8" with a 43 ring gauge. 

Prelight - This is a straight up beautiful cigar and I've smoked my share of this size.  I'm a fan of smaller ring gauges, and while I'm usually pressed for times and reach for shorter sticks, I had some time to sit today and wanted something with some length.  So this was a nice choice at over 6". 
The wrapper is a dark chocolate color with a noticeable sheen of oil covering it.  The wrapper looks seamless and there is a small vein running down the length of it.  The prelight draw is smooth and effortless. 

Sparking it -   I know this cigar to be full flavored, but it has a medium smooth body to it.  One of the best features on this cigar is the evolution of flavor.  Early on this cigar has a medium bodied flavor with a nice spicy sweetness.  I taste a little raisin and am loving every puff.  The ash burns to a light gray and holds on well over 2".

Smoking it - The flavor evolves to a more full-bodied smoke after the first third.  I taste a little coffee and some earthy flavors, all the while maintaining a nice balance of spice and sweetness.  The resting smoke and retrohale have an incredibly sweet smell.
This particular Cazadores burn perfectly.  No touches or re-lights necessary.  The construction on this cigars is second to none.  At $10 a stick, it is well worth the price.  I usually try and spend less on a single smoke, but when I spend the extra money, I can rest assured it is well spent when I reach for a Tatuaje. 
This cigar only gets better as it burns and in the final third, I pick up more flavor.  I wouldn't say this cigar is packed with tons of different flavors, but those that are there are so good it leaves me wanting more.
Great Cigar - Smoke one!

Overall - A

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