Monday, July 19, 2010

Nestor Miranda - Special Selection - Coffee Break

Nestor Miranda - Special Selection Coffee Break-  For a few years, Mr. Miranda has made Don Lino cigars, and his company, Miami Cigars, distributes La Aurora.  So the man has connections and knows a thing or two about the business.  In 2009 he stepped from behind the curtain and put a cigar on showcase for the world to enjoy.  The Special Selection, Coffee Break vitola was named to Cigar Aficianado's Top 25 of 2009
The Special Selection is said to be the personal cigar of Mr. Miranda.  Supposedly he would hand these to friends as gifts years before they were offered to the public.  Even though Miranda had the Don Lino brand on which he could have easily launched a new cigar; he must've felt he had a product worthy of putting his signature on.
The "Coffee Break" size is a Petit Robusto  - 4.5" by 50 gauge - an awesome name for a cigar in my opinion.  Too many cigar names are lame or just plain boring, but the Coffee Break is the type of name that could have you smoking it on name alone.  I admit I first smoked it because I like the way it sounded.  I didn't have much time and was looking for a quick tasty smoke.

I couldn't find any confirmed or accurate information on this blend.  I know there are a few wrapper choices and that the cigar has Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco in it. 

Prelight - Great looking cigar.  Compact, tightly constructed and hefty.  I've picked up an Oscuro-wrapped CB and the outside leaf is a rich, deep dark brown.  If I were to compare the color to something, it would be a brownie.  There are no visible veins or seams in the roll of the leaf and it shines with oil.  I've smoked a bunch of these little powerhouses and they always look and feel amazing.
The cigar smells of rich spicy chocolate and the draw is smooth with the slightest bit of resistance.  Lets smoke!

Sparking it -  Don't let the name or the size fool you; this cigar is packed full of flavor and strength.  The cigar wastes no time letting you know that it means business.  Never too harsh, this cigar is balanced and complex.  Not even 2" has burnt and I'm tasting a profile of roasted coffee, chocolate and a little spice.  The ash burns to a medium-colored gray and holds on decently.  I wouldn't enter it into a long-ash contest, but you don't have to worry about it falling on your lap every 30 seconds.
Overall, the first half of this cigar tastes great and is burning nicely. 

Smoking it - The Coffee Break I smoked for this review, was as complex and delicious as the other 20 I've had.  The flavors from the first half are present in the second half, but there is an added kick to the strength.  I would stack this cigar against a lot of so-called "full-flavored" cigars out there.  At about $6-$7 a cigar, the Coffee Break is a great cigar to keep in your rotation.  It is there when you don't have much time, and it gives you more than enough flavor in that time frame.
The rich chocolate flavors turn from sweet to a more toasted flavor as the cigar progresses.  Truly an amazing smoke.  I think of this as one of my top 10 favorites based on its size, quality and flavor.  The looks don't hurt it either.

Overall - A

My apologies for the picture - I took this back in February during the colossal snow storm.  I took a picture of the cigar I review today, but I left my camera at a friend's house. - So, while its 100 degrees outside, the picture is ice cold.

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