Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gurhka- Signature Red 1887

Gurhka Signature Red 1887 - Let it be known, I'm not a Gurhka fan.  If you'd like to know why you can read this - GURHKA HATE.  Anyways, my recent review of the Gurhka Evil showed me that some of my feelings towards the brand may be a little unjust. (as I liked the Evil)
So, I wasn't incredibly disappointed when I received a Gurhka Red for a present.  Recently, my parents went on a Carribbean cruise and watched their dog and house.  In return, I asked for some Cuban cigars.  When it became evident my parents were likely to buy counterfit Cubans, I gave them a list of non-cubans to ensure I got some quality smokes. 
Bless their hearts (I have great parents - Hard-ass, hardworking, tough-love Dad and a sweet, loving, caring Mom - great balance) - my parents asked the youngman working the cigar stand on the ship if he had any of the cigars I requested.  The list included, Tatuaje, Padron Anniversary, Opus X, Liga Privada, VSG.......
Even a rookie smoker could tell you these cigars lean towards the full-flavor end of the spectrum.  But the cruise employee (mind you this is his job) said..."oh, if he likes those, then he'll like these."

Of the cigars he suggested - I received this Gurhka.  Wrapped in one of the lightest Connecticut Shades I've ever seen, the 1887 is bound by Dominican leaf.  The filler is a mixture of Peruvian and Indian tobaccos.  The odd content gave me the slightest amount of hope that I might like this obviously mild cigar.

I'm not much on mild cigars, but recently I gave one a chance and liked it READ HERE.  So, I lit this cigar with some optimism.

Total Experience - I've rambled long enough, so I will spare you the details.  This cigar was crap.  The cigar was mild and tasteless.  I've come to appreciate the subtle qualities of milder cigars recently, but this particular cigar had no taste at all.  The construction was OK, but the wrapper split and turned into a tattered mess by the 2nd half of the cigar.
The best part of the cigar was the prelight aroma and draw, which tasted a bit like cedar.  Other than that....I was disgusted.  Hard as a rock - uneven burn - tasteless turd of a cigar.

Overall - E

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