Friday, April 23, 2010

Cortez Maduro

Cortez Maduro - This is a new and relatively unknown brand. Handrolled in New Jersey, this company recently began production for wide consumption. Prior to that, these folks were hired event/party rollers. A friend at Fader's Cigar Shop in Towson, MD recommended I give this new cigar a try. I didn't know anything about it other than it was new and unheard of. It had a nice look and a price point I couldn't pass up.
According to the website, the Robusto in Maduro has a Brazilian wrapper, Nicaraguan binder and a mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco for filler. From what I know, these cigars are only available in a few shops in the Mid-Atlantic region, but can be purchased online.

Prelight - The Robusto has a dark, oily wrapper. I didn't know it was Brazilian at the time, but it had that dark hue, typical of a Brazilian wrapper. The cigar was firm throughout and the construction seemed solid. The cigar smelled of hay and the pre-light tasted the same.
The draw was a little tight and the cigar seemed damper than it should have.

Sparking it - With smoke in the air, we're smoking! The first few puffs don't offer much more than the taste of hay. I'm working hard to get an adequate amount of smoke as well. I roll the cap-end in my fingers and clip a bit more off the end. Thankfully, this lightens up the draw, providing more smoke. After about an inch or so, chocolate and coffee flavors start overpowering the hay. So far, this cigar is burning even and cool.

Smoking it - The draw is just a little too tight; even with the adjustments I made. I think it has something to do with how moist the cigar is. The flavor profile is consistently chocolate, hay and coffee - until the last 2", where the smoke gets bitter.
The best feature of the cigar is the construction. Although I had issues with he draw, the burn is even and the cigar hold up well. To be fair, I'm going back to grab another in two to three months.
This cigar has a lot of potential, but needs to rest before it reveals its true identity. For $5 - this cigar could be a big winner. Even with all the negative things I had to say, $5 was not a bad price. I am just being a bit picky becaue I realize this cigar has potential to be another tasty Brazilian-wrapped beauty.

Overall - C+

I will be reviewing this cigar again in the near future. I am eager to taste this cigar when it has had time to rest, cure and dry a bit.


  1. Picked a few of these up at Fader's (not Fager's) Tobacconists in Catonsville MD. The torpedo was extremely moist and I had much difficulty keeping it lit. The flavor profile was quite good, reminding me of the Gran Habano Vintage 2002 but not as full-bodied. Look forward to lighting these up again once they have rested in my humidor for a few weeks.

  2. Let me know how they are once they rest. I think this could be a great cigar with the right amount of rest. - I liked a lot about the cigar, but they are not ready for human consumption

  3. Oh yeah TYPO - FADER's NOT FAGER's

  4. Great cigar for the price...smoking a torpedo as we speak. Got mine straight out of Cortez' Humidor in Shrewsbury NJ. Solid dark ash, like a cubano verdad, stays lit easily with a steady, smooth draw. $6.00 per stick-$125/ 25 Box. Best comparison: an Avo Maduro w/out the moldy aftertaste. Complex flavor harshness in the last third.

  5. Any update on these after letting them rest? I had a friend pick me up some at an event where they were rolling on site. They look gorgeous and can't wait to smoke them. Just want to make sure I let them reast long enough.

    1. Hey there Joey,
      I actually smoked one about a month ago and it was a good smoke. Since the ones you have were just rolled I'd say let em' sit in the humidor for at least 1-6 months.

      Depending on how many you have, use this as an experiment to see how they season. So smoke one every few months.

      Have you smoked any yet? What did you think? The one I just smoked was in my humi since I wrote this review in April of 2010. It was much better then the one I reviewed. I smoked 2 more in between now and then, and all 3 were considerably better then the first.

      The tobacco needed to ferment a bit and mingle amongst itself. The sweet, chocolate characteristics of the Brazilian maduro really stepped up.

      I look forward to heating from you.

      Thanks for reading and email me, maybe you could do a guest review!


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