Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Best $5 Cigar

Best $5 Cigar - I enjoy smoking cigars and do so as much as possible. I hit up my local shop a few times a week, and like smoking with a few beers in the evening. Many afternoons, you can find me riding home from work, cigar lit - fighting traffic. Bottom line...I smoke my share of cigars.
The biggest problem with this habit, aside from cancer - is cost. Cigars are exspenive. Smoking a lot of them can put a dent in your wallet. So, I do what I can...I look for deals online, I frequent tobacco shop events where there are free cigars and speical offers. But the most affective way to save a few bucks, other than quitting cigars, is to smoke affordable cigars.
Buying boxes off the internet is a great way to get premium cigars at a nice "per-stick" price, but I'm a man on the go and have to stop in the local shops to pick up my cigars from time to time.
Also, perusing a well-stocked walk-in humidor; it is the definition of the phrase "kid in a candy-store". The aroma, the possibilites...the pretty labels. Haha.
Recently, it seems that manufacturers are going out of their ways to create cigars that are affordable and of high quality. Usually those terms are independent of one another when it comes to cigars. But 2009 brought those terms together, and it did so with style. $4 and $5 have always been available, but they either burn like a tree-limb or taste like a rolled up paper-bag. Quality cigars, in the sense of near excellence in every aspect of the cigar, have been available as well, but they usually run at least $7 or $8.
Now smokers have choice in the $4-$5 range and that new found option feels great. In my opinion, the best cigars in this price range are the CAO La Traviata, Ambos Mundos, Brickhouse Robusto and the Oliva V Robusto.

Which one is the best?

This is what I think...

These are all well-made. I've smoked a few of each and had no real issues. This is one of the nicest features of these afforable cigars...they smoke well, burn consistenly and hold up.

CAO La Traviata - This cigar is spicy throughout. It starts off harsh and mellows as it progresses. There are cedar notes throughout and the last half gets a little creamy. Not a complex cigar. But a nice full flavor profile.

Ambos Mundos (Sumatra) - This cigar has some spice and also starts a little harsh. There is some pepper in the first third that is really apparent on the retrohale. The cigar is full flavored and has some woody flavors throughout. The last half of the cigar offers some hints of sweet spice.

Brickhouse - The cigar starts with a medium body but the flavors seem muted. Early on it is hard to say what this cigar tastes like. Within a few minutes the flavors open up and the smoke is nice and creamy. A simple flavor profile consisting of a mild spice and coffee.

Oliva V - This cigar is full as hell. One word sums it all up: SPICE.

The Winner (Taste/Flavor) - Ambos Mundos
This is my opinion. I'm sure if you polled 100 people on their preference, each of these cigars would pull their share of the crowd.

Sex Appeal-Looks

CAO La Traviata - Beautiful cigar. Well-crafted with no visible flaws. The wrapper is a rich colorado brown with noticeable oils. Just looks tasty.

Ambos Mundos - These cigars look well-made, but it is evident they get Tatuaje's throw away wrappers. The wrapper has water-spots and blemishes.

Brickhouse - The cigar looks average. Average is a good word to describe this cigar, wrapper to band.

Oliva V - The cigar looks flawless. Dark brown wrapper with some oils.

The Winner - Sex Appeal - CAO La Traviata

Final Thoughts and Overall Winner- This is a tough match to call. All of these cigars hold there own and have tremendous value. If I had a gun to my head and was told to pick, I'd still have to think about my answer.
Based on my preferences, it came down to the Ambos Mundos and the CAO La Traviata, but I enjoy the flavor profile of the Ambos over the CAO. The CAO is a little harsh early on and the Ambos is smooth and enjoyable all the way.
I encourage you to try them all and pick you favorite. It was a close call.

The Best 5$ Cigar - Ambos Mundos (sumatra)


  1. I went back down to the Humidour and got a box of Ambos Mundos a week after the tatuaje event :) I like the Sumatra wrapper the best.

    I have tried the Brickhouse and did not like it at all.

    I still say one of the best cheap cigars is the Rocky Patel Cameroon Especial. Cheaper than any of these but has some damn nice flavors.


    Keep up the great reviews man!

  2. I went back down to the Humidour and got a box of Ambos Mundos a week after the tatuaje event :) I like the Sumatra wrapper the best.

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