Wednesday, February 24, 2010

601 Green Label

601 Green Label - Yet another cigar blended by Don Pepin Garcia, the Green Label is said to be the fullest flavor of the 601 brand. This 601 is manufactured in Esteli, Nicaragua; and is made completely with Nicaraguan tobacco. The cigar's most interesting feature is the Habano Oscuro wrapper that adorns it.
601's Blue Label found a place on Cigar Aficianado's top 25 list for 2009. I think the Blue Label is a decent smoke,--but I don't smoke them often. I'm interested to see how the Green Label compares to the Blue.

Prelight- The cigar looks great. The oscuro wrapper is one of the darkest wrappers I've ever seen and is covered with oils. There are some small to medium veins, but the juicy wrapper has a smooth look to it. I received three in a Pepin sampler pack and they've been resting in the humi for a couple of weeks. The cigar has a fresh and spongy feel to it.
The prelight draw is peppery on the tongue and has an empty feel to it.

Sparking it- The draw is clear and provides an abundant amount of smoke; almost no resistance. As I take the first few drags I'm a little disappointed. The cigar tastes flat and there is no body on my palette. I can taste pepper, but the smoke feels empty on my tongue (kind of like a diet soda). I find myself staring at the cigar; a little confused about the flavor. I mean, there is "flavor", it just feels weird in my mouth and I can't figure out what it tastes like. It tastes like green vegetables and charcoal.

Smoking it- I'm just past the halfway point of this cigar and am unsure about it. I can't decide what it tastes like, and am pretty sure the smoke feels flat(for lack of a better term). On a positive note....this cigar has burnt like a champ. Tight white ash, smooth even burn; beautiful. The construction and burn on this cigar are great.
I'm beginning to consider dropping this 601 in the ash tray, when it happened...... I tasted something! It is about time! Shortly after the halfway point, charcoal begins to evolve into rich chocolate with heavy spice. There are also hints of wood and licorice. If the entire cigar had tasted like this it would have been a damn good stick.
I received three of these sticks in a Pepin sampler pack and I have to say that I'm not a fan. I put a lot of faith in my local Cigar Shop Owner and he carries everythign else in the 601 series, except for the Green Label. Now I know why. If it wasn't for the stellar burn and construction I would have rated this cigar a lot lower. The last third of the smoke was delicious, but the first two thirds left me wanting more.

Overall- C

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