Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tatuaje Avion - Short Perfecto Update Smoke

Tatuaje - Avion Update
Winter Thoughts - Feedback Time
Its the dead of winter a glimpse of the sun had me wishing it was warm out.  But no fear...spring is right around the corner and with that......smoking weather!
Here is a picture of me enjoying a cigar or at the end of last summer.  I was smoking a Pete Johnson made, Avion Short Perfecto.  I'm a fan of most of Pete's creations; but the Avion left me a little.....unsatisfied.  Read the original review here (Avion Short Perfecto).

So, as I mentioned, my first experience with the Avion left a bad taste in my mouth; literally.  I chalked it up as a fluke; a bad seed, a young smoke in need of aging.  Almost 6 months of aging later and I don't think the Avion was made for my palette.

A beauty of a perfecto, ballooning from 48 to 52 ring gauge and a length of 5 5/8"; the construction is drop-dead gorgeous.  The wrapper is smooth; curves tight and sexy.  The nipple...well, its a nice nipple.
Just like the my first go-round, the Avion burned evenly; a considerable feat for a semi-boxpressed perfecto vitola.

The cigar isn't bad.  It just isn't for me.  I liked it a bit more after 6 months in my humi.  There was a little more fermentation and its done some good things for the cigar.  My main complaint about the first Avion was its lack of complexity.  Originally, this cigar was a bland one-trick pony; now its got a little more character.  The cigar still only has two main stages, and the flavors just seemed muffled.  An odd choice for flavor description, but it seems like there is potential that just won't come out.

I've got two more in the humidor.  We'll see how another two months does one of these stogies.  In the $10-$12 range there are just too many great cigars for the Avion to even be considered a good smoke.  If looks were the only measure of a quality cigar; she'd take awards left and right.

But don't let me be the judge for you.  Perhaps its just not my flavor profile. The cigar is a mix of hickory and smoked meats.  It has a chewy mouth-feel with a tired volume of taste.  With such a beautiful roll and sexy curves, this girl is going to let her Avions marinate a bit longer before she throws in the towel.

As the weather warms, more cigars shall be smoked.  My favorite place to be is on my rooftop, tanning- stogie and note pad in hand.

Its like Pete is the parent of a seemingly intelligent child that has the looks to charm.  So eager to see how smart the kid really is, he enrolled the kid a year early in school, only to have his experiment held up in the front office paper work.
Its worth a try, as I said the construction is impeccable, and your B&M's box probably has a few months rest on it now.
Quick Review Grade - Incomplete (cigar sent back to humidor for being to young)

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