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My Father - Cedros Deluxe Cervantes

Jaime Garcia - My Father Series - Cedros Deluxe Cervantes
The Cedros Deluxe Cervantes is a special edition of the My Father Series.  Click here for a Stogie Guys review of the regular series.  I like the honey-sweet smell cedar sleeves leave on a cigar, so I was excited to see this Corona Gorda priced at $7.50.  That is cheaper then the normal series and with such a sharp look I had to give it a whirl.  I had two intentions smoking this; one to compare it against the original My Father, but also to rate it as a stand alone.  Judging the Cedros Deluxe on its own merits.

This Corona Gorda is a beauty and feels hefty in the hand.  The cedar sleeve is branded with 'Cedros Deluxe' and the My Father emblem.  There is also a foot band that finishes out the style on this three piece suit.  Just looking at this smoke had me salivating.  Even though I've smoked many regular 'My Father' cigars, the look of this one was the complete package.
With the sleave off the wrapper was flawless and slightly bumpy.  I took a big whiff of the freshly unsleeved stogie and that sweet cedar aroma lingered and mixed with a strong tobacco smell.  It also smelled earthy and little hint of hay.  The wrapper leaf had slight variation in hue throughout giving it a very natural look.
The cigar is well-made, packed with tobacco, firm throughout and felt a bit dry to the squeeze.

My Father Series Background
The My Father Series has been a true success for Jaime Garcia, son of the living-legend, Don Pepin Garcia. Don Pepin Garcia owns his own brands, but is also a master-blender who various cigar companies use to help them create cigars.  Just a few examples of companies that have taken advice or had a blend created for them are Tatuaje, Ashton (San Cristobal) and 5 Vegas.  His blends are highly regarded and have a signature pepper kick off, with the first few puffs of his blends having a peppery kick.

With that in mind, Jaime Garcia set out to make a cigar of his own; but he did so in honor of his father, Don. Now Jaime has more then the My Father, but this was the first cigar that he owned from concept to roll.  Supposedly, Jaime had to go through a ton to keep the secret from his father as he wanted the tribute to be a surprise.  
The My Father Series has been listed in Cigar Afficianado's top 25 cigars for the past two years.  Despite your feelings on CA's top 25; ranking since inception is a sign of greatness.  I like a lot of what the Garcia's produce and the My Father Series is no different.  Its not my favorite cigar in the world, but its pretty damn good.  I don't go out of my way to smoke them as I prefer other cigars in the $9-$12 price range it falls in.
Awwwww yeah.  The cigar opens up, typical Garcia product....surprise peppery; but a little smoother then most of the Garcia's opening puffs.  I catch myself watching the Olympics and just enjoying the cigar.  At this point I'm a third down the cigar and its just tasting great.  Powerful but not burning me up or knocking me up.  I hadn't eaten a large lunch, so I was concerned it might burn my stomach a bit, but there were no issues.
The first third tastes of pepper which turns to a smooth earthy smoke.  The smoke was thick and almost chewy on the palette.  The resting smoke off the foot was honey sweet and I caught myself french inhaling and smelling the smoke left and right.
About halfway through I got a splash of some quality dark run from a friend and this cigar made the rum tasty and smooth.  I'm not a straight rum drinker.  I prefer scotch when it comes to liquor; I'll drink rum in daiquiris and all, but never straight.  So I have to give the Cedros Deluxe the credit for me drinking straight dark rum.

Last Half and Overall Thoughts
Without explaining every puff off this stogie, the final half was enjoyable and full of flavor.  I ended up putting it in the ashtray graveyard with about 1 and 1/2" to go.  I was in a bit of hurry, but it was getting a bit harsh and I wasn't enjoying it as I had.  Some smokers may enjoy that tail end of strong smoke, but I had enjoyed the cigar so much up to that point that I decided to leave my smoking experience where it was.

The burn had a razor's edge and a thick light gray ash held on, dense and rigid; these results being a true testament to the cigar's construction.  Just an A++ made cigar.  Cigar construction gets no better.  I gotta say, that the Cedros Deluxe was better then the original line.  There isn't much information out there, but I believe it is the original My Father blend with a touch something different.  This is a question I'd love answered if anyone knows.

I would smoke this cigar again at the price point of $7.50.  Even at $10.50, there would be value in this cigar.  The size was well worth it and the burn slow and enjoyable.  I was sitting there for a good hour and a half and I tossed it early.  Somehow cheaper then the normal line; I picked this up from a small shop so that could explain the surprising pricing.  
The Cedros Deluxe in the Corona Gorda is great smoke and I''l be smoking one again soon.

Overall:  A


  1. "I don't go out of my way to smoke them as I prefer other cigars in the $9-$12 price range it falls in....."

    That line pretty much sums it up for me too. Good review. Keeping it real!

  2. I'm into this type of designs cuz they can verily give contrast to rooms or to any designs imo.
    honey onyx


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