Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brooklyn Decker - The only reason to see Sandler's latest flick

Brooklyn Decker from 'Just Go With It'
Adam Sandler used to be a very funny man.  I imagine he is still hilarious, but I lost all interest in his comedy after the 5th or 6th movie where he played the guy who fell in love and tried to get the girl under some set of circumstances....insert laughter. 
I don't mean to be a hater.  The guy was my idol when I was 14.  Quotes from his classics have made there way into popular catch phrases people commonly use.  You can't blame the guy for taking a big bag of money every time the movie companies knock on his door with yet another romantic comedy script.  But my interest in anything he does has worn thin.

With that said - here is one of two reasons to watch his newest release 'Just Go With It'
Brooklyn Decker is an attractive woman.  She's received a lot of attention from the movie, particularly the beach scene where she comes out of the water in a yellow bikini.  I'm sure you have a mental image of what I'm talking about.  You probably haven't even seen the movie and you know what I'm talking about.
As I said, Brooklyn Decker was the main reason to see this year's version of Sandler's 'fool in love', rinse and repeat.  The other reason...Jennifer Aniston.

South Park made fun of the Sandler phenomena a few years ago in a way only they can.  South Park clip - Sandler movies.

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