Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Drew Estate - Lost Art Ashtray Series

The Moon -
Drew Estate's 'Lost Art' ashtray line is pretty cool.  I've got the Moon one - I picked it up at an event at Cross Street Tobacco in Baltimore.  The other art choices were nice as well.  One was an enlarged old-school cigar band that read "Habano".  Another was a painting of an angelic-looking woman, with a style of the early 1900's.  All of them have a retro-look, which recalls the rich history of cigar culture.  Drew Estate may be the re-birth of cigars, but they respect the past and pay homage through pieces like this ash tray series.

Tale of the tape:
5 7/8" x 3 7/8"
1.85 pounds of crystal perfection

I love this ashtray and its found a permanent place at the end of my patio chair's left arm rest.  It's large enough to accomadate two or three smokers at once, but small enough so that you keep it clean and empty.  Something I recommend anyways to show off this piece.

You can pick one up through Drew Estate's Store.

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