Sunday, October 17, 2010

Room 101 - LTD Conjura

Room 101 - LTD Conjura - Made and distributed by Camacho, Room 101 is extending its offerings with the addition of the Conjura series.  The cigar comes in four vitolas, all slightly box-pressed and produced in limited numbers.  Room 101 manufactured only 12,500 of each vitola, and with the quality branding and aggressive advertising - they won't be on the shelves too long.
The wrapper is rosado and I believe it to be Ecuadorian.  I'm unsure of the binder origin, but I know the filler is a specific blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos.  Room 101 wanted to create something a little stronger than the original series - so here we have the LTD Conjura.

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I picked up three different sizes, but will be reviewing the smallest of the group.  Weighing in at 4" X 40 ring, this double-silver banded box-press looks well made and I see no noticeable flaws.  The rosado wrapper shows a light sheen of oil and some thin veins on the leaf.  The cigar itself is aromatic, usually a good sign of fresh, quality tobacco. 
The Conjura feels hefty and full - and a few light squeezes result in a slightly spongy yet firm feel.  I clip the cap and the prelight draw has a desirable touch of resistance.  All in all a well-made stick.  Smoke time....

Sparking it-
With a lit cigar in hand, I'm off to see what the "Conspiracy" (translation of Conjura) is all about.  The cigar produces a bounty of smoke right off the bat and takes no time in showing me what its all about.  The first third of the cigar is medium bodied and full of flavor.  -I can't stop inhaling and smelling the resting smoke- it has a nice sweet aroma to it.
The ash burns to a nice light gray and holds together nicely.  I roll it gently against the ash-tray to remove the first block of ash; it could've held on longer, but I didn't want it in my lap.
The box-press has a nice feel to it and holds together without pinching off airflow when I bite down on it.

Smoking it-
The LTD burns without issue and keeps a nice even burn line throughout.  I smoked it down to the nub so short that someone offered me a cigar -(I guess I looked a little desperate smoking it like roach at the end).  I tried each of the three sizes I picked up and each was a portrait of quality-make. 
I chose to review the 4" X 48 ring gauge - not only because its the only I took a picture of - haha, but I felt this cigar was action from beginning to end.  I find in larger cigars out there, it takes some time before a cigar starts kicking out its peak flavoring - this bad boy wasted no time giving me flavor and plenty of it. 

The cigar burned for about 45 minutes and offered a unique flavor profile.  I tasted a little raw honey, some cedar; but what was really nice was the subtle spices that I tasted off and on throughout the smoke.  I'm not a fan of peppery powerhouses, but I like spice with balance - and that's what the LTD Conjura had.  A nice bite of spice - showing that Nicaraguan tobacco - smoothed out with the creamy tasting and textured smoke of the Dominican.

I recommend you get out and try this for yourself. The Conjura is at a nice pricepoint of $7 for the smaller size and in my opinion offered nice quality and value.  I've never smoked Room 101 as my favorite shop doesn't carry the brand - but I'll be sure to get as many of these as I can before they're gone.  A nice introduction to the brand, I'm looking forward to see what Room 101 develops as it matures and creates more cigars.

Overall - A-

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