Thursday, October 21, 2010

Matt Booth from ROOM 101

Friday I met Matt Booth, owner/creator of Room101 at The Humidour in Cockeysville, MD.  Matt was there with Camacho, promoting his new line the Conjura.  Translated, Conjura means Conspiracy, a reference to a concept of Matt's brand.  I told Matt that I've never smoked any of his cigars and his follow up questions and statements showed that he is very passionate about cigars and his brand.  It also showed that he really cares about the consumer and what people enjoy in cigars.
Matt was very approachable and made the rounds, talking with anyone that had a question or comment for him.  When discussing the limited release of the Conjura (only 50,000 total cigars), Matt said he had a very specific idea for the blend and he and Camacho (a Honduran based company) sought out some particular Nicaraguan tobacco to top off the blend.  I reviewed the Conjura and Room 101 was kind enough to post the review on their site (Room101).

Thanks again to Mr. Booth for his time.

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