Friday, October 29, 2010

COMING SOON - CAO La Traviata - Corona Gorda!

To be fair to CAO - I will be reviewing the CAO Corona Gorda very soon.   Its called the Animado. Originally, CAO released just three sizes - but the success of the line led to the release of a Corona Gorda and Belicoso in May.
I have yet to smoke either of these, but I saw a guy with the CG and damn it looked good.  We all know the La Traviata is a great cigar.  They are well-made, smoke great and taste amazing.  The $5 price tag makes it all the better.  I smoke a lot of the Robusto size because I think the cigar gets a little bitter in the longer sizes.  But I think the smaller ring gauge of the CG is going to be amazing for the blend. 
In general, most people like smoking big, fat cigars.  I on the other hand, enjoy smaller ring gauges and/or smaller length.  I didn't even know CAO made the corona gorda - 5 5/8" x 46 ring.  Probably because most people review and jump up and down about the bigger cigars.

Also - when my local gets more in - I may do a Maduro vs. Natural review.

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