Monday, September 13, 2010

Win 2 cigars - one is a $20 Cigar - ASHTON Estate Sun Grown

Hey everyone - you may have heard of this small contest from my twitter page @reivewcigars.  A nice short and sweet contest.  First, if you have twitter - Retweet the contest tweet.
Then - via the comments board of this post - tell me about your favorite cigar and why you enjoy that as your favorite smoke.  If you're a picky smoker or have several favorite smokes based on value, flavor, availability - then tell me about those. (Up to three cigars)
Also - let me know how you heard about the contest, and provide me an email address.  You can contact me at if necessary.

The Winner will receive a $20 (at its cheapest) Ashton ESG "20 Year Salute" (churchill vitola)  - This bad boy will have you smoking for at least an hour and a half.  Might be a good one for that next big game. - Also, the winner will receive a premium cigar from my personal humidor.

Thanks to CigarsDirect for their support.  Check them out!  Great selection, low pricing, convenient and humidified delivery.


  1. Kuba. Yeah, that's right: Kuba Kuba. Why? It was my first big cigar and didn't offend anyone. I've kinda grown out of 'em, but if I'm in a crowd, it's a nice choice to avoid negative comments.

  2. I like a lot of different cigars, but if I had to choose one it'd be the Padron 1926 Series - it'd be nice to have all the different sizes because some of them seem like they have different blends. I've read somewhere that each vitola is blended a little differently to accomadate the smoking characteristics of that particular size

  3. Liga Privada Dirty Rat - Its a new one and its hard to find. A little expensive($13), especially for the smaller size. But it is really good. If I picked one based on value - I'd go for the CAO La Traviata. THey cost 5 bucks and has a lot of flavor. I could smoke them all the time!

  4. I smoke anything Tatuaje makes. From the Havana to the Cabinet collection, they are all top-notch cigars. I like the Cabinet Unico which is the Torpedo Grea tasting cigary. And the quality is always second to none

  5. SO... um... what happened? Who won?


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