Tuesday, September 7, 2010

La Riqueza - Cabinet Series - Belicoso

La Riqueza - Cabinet Series -  I'm not going out on a limb when I say, Pete Johnson is a cigar-god at this point in time.  Everything the man touches turns into tobacco gold.  The La Riqueza line, which translates to "The Riches" is no different.  The normal line is a box-pressed treat, wrapped in a connecticut broadleaf, the cigar is a medium stick with a lot of flavor.  These come in a standard paper-based cigar box. 
And then there is the Cabinet Series.....
The same blend as the normal line, these cigars come in cedar boxes which add that honey-scented richness.  Also, these cigars are not box-pressed.  I smoke a lot of the standard La Riquezas, leaning towards to smaller sizes for a quick delicious smoke - check out my earlier review on the -No. 5 Box-Press HERE.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet as I've reviewed the La Riqueza line before.  I just had to write something about the Cabinet series because I've loved each one I've smoked.

Overall - A

Smoking it - I've smoke the a lot of the Petit Robustos and think they are the best small smoke on the market (within a decent price range - $6-$7)   Today, I smoked the Belicoso, which while a little larger, still keeps the flavor concentrated and tasty.  Raw honey and cedar flavors are the main theme during the smoke with a lot of cream and even some deeper coffee tones mixed in there.
I can't get enough of these.  Go smoke one now.

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