Friday, June 11, 2010

WORLD CUP - Great Interactive Calendar

If you're a soccer fan, or just like the excitment of World Cup, you gotta check out this link.  A friend passed this along to me and it couldn't be set up any better.  It has all the teams, dates, times, match-ups and brackets in a very understandable format. 

World Cup Interactive Calendar

Today marked the beginning of the month long tournament, and while each match resulted in a draw, the energy is undeniable.  I've never been a soccer player, and I actually used to hate soccer.  Just like a lot of fellow Americans, I found it boring and monotonous.
But as I grew up a little bit and gave it a chance I find myself interested and enthralled with the World Cup.  4 years ago, I was in Amsterdam while the World Cup was being played in Germany.  The local population's sheer excitement and passion was infectious.  The experiences of watching games in Europe during the World Cup opened my eyes to how many people love soccer world-wide. 
Most Americans don't realize it, but this event brings people together on such a grand level.  People from all over the world put their differences aside and find common ground in the love of sport.  I'm not saying fans don't fight and the players love their opponents, but once every 4 years, this event gives hundreds of millions, if not billions of people a chance to be proud, exicted and happy.  A luxury that some of us take for granted.
Its the distractions like sports and cigars that make life really enjoyable.  Aside from family and friends, its the moments and hours we take our minds off our problems and responsibilities and re-focus on something enjoyable.  So check out the calendar, grab a stogie and watch a game!

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