Friday, April 30, 2010

J. Fuego 777

J. Fuego 777 - I'd like to thank Ben at for this cigar. I won it as part of a St. Patty's Day contest. Never having smoked a J. Fuego, I sparked this bad boy the moment I got my hands on I've heard some good things about J. Fuego's product, but no local shops carry the cigars. All I knew is that if given a chance to smoke a Fuego, I'd be reaching for the 777.
The reason.....I knew this cigar is wrapped with a Brazilian Corojo leaf; grown by Fuego's father specifically for this cigar. The binder and filler are Nicaraguan, with the filler consisting of 65% Corojo and 35% Criollo. I'm a huge fan of Brazilian wrapped cigars. I find them to have sweet and distinctive flavors. But this is the first Brazilian corojo wrapper I've ever had the chance to smoke.

Prelight - The cigar is an attractive Corona, weighing in at 5.5" with a 46 ring gauge. The wrapper is a milk chocolate color with a red shade to it. Not what I think expect from a Brazilian wrapper, but then this is a corojo - not a maduro.
The cigar looks good and has a consistent feel and fill. The prelight aroma is as sweet as can be and the draw is mildly resistant.

Sparking it - Puff! The cigar starts off with a fistful of sweet-spice. I'm shocked at how sugary sweet this smoke is. If I were handed this cigar without a band, I would venture to say it was a flavored stick (in a good way).
The 777 keeps an even burn line and the ash holds on without flaking. The draw stared a tad tight, but a roll in the fingers and this Fuego is providing a good bit of smoke. This cigar has a lot of sweet flavor with a medium body.

Smoking it - The 777 burns like a champ. Even, cool and consistent. My first J. Fuego was a well-made cigar and now I'm on a quest to get more and try others in the brand.
This cigar had an intense but smooth flavor profile. I wouldn't say that it was a very complex smoke, but it was delicious. Delicious and sweet. I really enjoy sweet smokes with a medium to full body, and the 777 delivers.
The 777 tastes like sweet cream with some flashes of cedar, honey and sugar. That may sound over the top, but somehow J. Fuego was able to pull it together and create a balanced masterpiece.
This cigar isn't going to impress the big aficionados out there, but I absolutely love it. Also, the cigar retails for $5-$6 a stick. This is a superb value. I recommend everyone give this cigar a try.

Overall - A

This cigar earns an A for value, taste and construction. Now I gotta find some more!

Thanks again Ben at


  1. Never had the 777 but sounds very interesting. Will definately have to try this one. The J Fuego Delirium is one of the tastiest maduros around. If you like a Brazilian maduro wrapper you'll love these...

  2. I've heard the Delirium is good. I've been trying to find them at a local shop. Thanks alot for the comments! - keep checking my website out - I should be having a contest for free cigars soon! Thanks again _ MR EASTER


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