Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Carlos Torano - 50 Years Exodus

Carlos Torano 50 Years Exodus - A little while back I wrote a review discussing the original 1959 Exodus with hopes of writing a comparison to the new "50 Years" cigar. I had heard good things about this cigar and couldn't wait to get my hands on one.
For no reason other than pure curiousity, I'm always excited to try a cigar made with any Brazilian tobacco. Whether it be filler in the blend, binder or wrapper, I'm on the hunt. Well, this cigar has a Brazilian wrapper. That's enough to get me interested.
Well...it took a little longer than expected to get my hands on this cigar. I'd like to thank my local Carlos Torano rep, who gave me one last time he stopped at my local hang-out. The owner has yet to pick up this line of cigars, so the rep took care of me. Thanks!
Anyways, the cigar is covered with a rustic looking, Brazilian sun-grown wrapper. The binder is Nicaraguan and the filler is from Nicaragua's Esteli region. Should be an interesting smoke.

Prelight- This particular cigar is a Toro size. The Brazilian wrapper is a dark chocolate brown and looks a little rough. But that can be expected with a sun-grown wrapper. With that said, the cigar is attractive and the copper band and smaller "50 Years" band really pops when set against the rich shade of the wrapper.
The prelight draw is smooth and tastes of chocolate. The cigar is firm throughout and feels like it is well-made.

Sparking it- The cigar is lit! The cigar opens up with chocolate and roasted coffee beans; flavors that I've come to expect with a Brazilian wrapper. There is also some obvious spice up-front. Not a powerful spice, but a slight pepper that blends well with the chocolately flavoring of the wrapper.
The ash holds firm and burns to a nice light gray.

Smoking it- I have to say that I like this cigar. It isn't amazing, but the flavors are good and the construction is pretty good as well. The most interesting thing with this cigar is the balance and mixture of the wrapper's sweetness and the filler's spice and aroma. The two fight for position on the palatte and it makes for an interesting smoke.
At $7 a cigar, the 50 Years has a lot of value. I can't wait to get my hands on a few more of these cigars. I'll keep a few in my humidor and add them into the rotation of go-to smokes.

Comparison to 1959 Exodus - Much better. check out my original post on the Torano 1959 Exodus -

Overall- A-

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  1. Nice review.

    I think this is a decent smoke for the money myself.

    Site is looking nice (bit skinny though), keep up the good work!



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