Friday, February 12, 2010

Liga Privada- No. 9

Liga Privada No. 9- Drew Estate is known for flavored cigars and a plethora of different brands; with many falling in the "flavored" or "mild" category. But the Liga Privada, which translates to "private blend", is a completely different story. The band reads "Hecho exclusivamente para el Jefe", which means, "Made exclusively for the King". It is said that Drew Estates' President, Steve Saka, wanted to create a cigar that he would love and want to smoke.
Liga Privada spared no expense with this creation, trying as many as 50 different blends and varieties before settling on, what else, blend No. 9. The cigar is wrapped with dark-brown Connecticut Broadleaf while the filler is blended from seven types of Honduran, Dominican and Nicaraguan tobacco. The final part, which really drew me to the cigar, is the Brazilian Mata Fina binder. Grown by J. Fuego, especially for this stick.
This cigar retails between $10 and $13, depending on size.

Prelight- I've smoked this stick before and was impressed with the larger size. This time I reach for the Robusto to see if the smaller size compresses the flavors. This may be one of the best-looking cigars out there. This stick is straight up beautiful, almost sexy.
The band has a classic-minimalist look with a white background and Liga Privada in handwritten font. The "made for the king" lettering is slightly grey and placed in the background. The wrapper is dark and gorgeous; no flaws whatsoever and amazing construction overall. The cigar has a toothy appearance and presents some nice oils. I reluctantly clip the cap, hands steady as if I'm handling a work of art.
The prelight draw tastes of coffee and dark chocolate.

Sparking it- With a torch to the foot we're in business. The No. 9 takes no time in showing you what its all about. Dark cocoa and delicious coffee flavors pour out in an abundant puff of smoke. The burn begins even, producing a solid and white ash. After a few puffs I taste a bit of roasted nuts and caramel, but the cocoa flavor reigns as king over the flavor so far.
The cigar feels amazingly strong and sexy in the hand. The draw is effortless and fruitful.

Smoking it- I love this cigar! It is so damn good. Definitely fit for a king. While full-flavored, the cigar is never over-powering and has a nice medium body to it. This is a complex smoke, I find myself trying to pin point flavors, but they change every inch or so with sweetness prevailing as a main characteristic.
This cigar burns as good as any great cigar I've ever smoked. The ash holds on as if it were mixed with mortar and the burn stays event. The resting smoke is amazingly sweet and I find myself sniffing the end from time to time. This is an attractive cigar that stimulates all the senses. (except for hearing, haha)
As thecigar burns past the halfway point, a little bit of pepper presents itself, but never plays a major role. I taste roasted almonds and toffee as the cocoa flavor dwindles into the background.
I can't even begin to touch on the complexity of this smoke. If you don't care for peppery smokes, but want lots of flavor, you have got to smoke a No.9. This is one of those sticks that if smoked occasionally, will be enjoyable and delicious. If smoked a lot, you will find yourself disappointed when reaching for a more economical stick.
I recommend this to every cigar smoker out there. While packed with flavor, it is extremely smooth and delicate. If it were a woman, it would be the quietly sexy woman, who acts with class and taste, but is a freak in the sheets.
Hands down, amazing cigar. I will smoking these from time to time when I feel I deserve a special treat. Just make sure you have a nice meal and time to spare before smoking the No. 9. It is a slow burner with lots of subtle flavors. It deserves your time and attention.

Overall- A

Coming Soon - The Liga Privada T-52 -
I cannot wait. The T-52 is supposed to be a great smoke. The cigar is made with "Stalk-Cut" tobacco, which means they cure the entire tobacco plant, stalk and all. This is a seldom-used process as only the bottom leaves are of maturity at the time of the harvest, so many leaves go to waste. But those used are supposed to be a luxury to smoke.

Liga Privada is supposed to have a stick called the Dirty Rat coming out soon. Can't wait to smoke one.

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