Thursday, February 4, 2010

La Aroma De Cuba

La Aroma De Cuba- Ashton introduced the La Aroma De Cuba line back in 2002. This series pays homage to the original favorites smoked by Winston Churchill. It is said that Churchill smoked up to ten of these cubans a day. I guess WWII caused him quite a bit a stress.
The cigar is almost a Honduran Puro, but there is some Nicaraguan tobacco blended in the filler. These cigars are priced in the $6-$8 range and have received some nice reviews. Cigar Aficianado have rated these bad boys as high as 93.

Prelight- The wrapper is dark and attractive. Like most cigars produced by Ashton, the construction seems top-notch. The band is very traditional and has a nice look to it. The cigar has some nice aroma to it. Very rich and fresh. The prelight draw tastes of leather and fresh tobacco. The cigar pulls with ease, just the right amount of resistance. Lets see how this thing smokes.

Sparking it- The cigar starts off with a bouquet of spice and some leather flavoring. These flavors are constant through out the beginning of the cigar. The cigar has a nice draw with bounties of smoke. The cigar has solid construction and the Robusto size (which I'm smoking) feels strong in the hand. So far, this is a good smoke. Even though I'm just starting, there are some subtle complexities to the flavor. I like where this is going.

Smoking it- The stick burns like a champ; even, smoky and tasty. It has a medium to full flavor and the body slides down to medium at times. I'm not a fan of spicy cigars, but the spice in this cigar stay at a desirable and varied level, which makes it kind of interesting as you bounce between mocha and leather.
I'm not going to run out and buy a box, but this is a good cigar. The ash holds tight and the resting smoke has a nice smell to it. The cigar has some nice flavor transition, but it isn't as complex as other cigars a tad more expensive.
I recommend this cigar to all medium to full smokers who don't care for spice but are looking to entertain their palette. I'll be smoking this cigar again.

Overall- B

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