Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Joya De Nicaragua - Antano 1970

Antano 1970 (Robusto Grande)- You can check out the Gran Perfecto review out if you'd like. I have to say, this is one of my favorite lines out there. I smoke a lot of them and while I prefer the Gran Perfecto there are some interesting differences in the other sizes. Today I will write a short review on the Robusto Grande, comparing it to the Gran Perfecto.

Gran Perfecto Stats- 6 1/8" 50-58 ring
Robusto Grande Stats- 5 1/2" 52 ring

Prelight- The cigar has a nice look, but it has nothing on the Gran Perfecto. The wrapper looks rough and dry with some oils shining off it. The draw is a little more resistant than the GP but it is smooth and steady. The prelight tastes of mild leather and a hint of spice. The cigar has a sweet aroma to it; very similar to the GP. Overall, the stick is not as spongy as the GP, but still feels and looks like a great stick.

Sparking it - The cigar lights easily and the first few puffs have a sweet spice taste. The draw is perfect and delivers loads of smoke. At this point in the cigar, the draw and early burn is a little nicer than the GP. Shortly into the burn, leather mixes in and the spice mellows out.

Smoking it- The Robusto burns like a champ through and through. Overall is has a better burn than the Gran Perfecto. This stick tastes a lot like the GP but the subtle differences in flavor make for an interesting smoke. I tasted some cinnamon, and more spice and leather than the GP. The ash held tight and long. This cigar gets an 'A' for construction. While not as pretty as the GP, it sure is a hell of a stick in its own right.

Overall Comparison- The Gran Perfecto is my personal favorite in the Antano series, while the Robusto falls next in line. The flavors aren't drastically different, but I find the Gran Perfecto to have a creamier, sweeter smoke. Both are packed with flavor and well built, but the Robusto burns a little smoother and tighter. I highly suggest giving this cigar a try. Every smoker out there - run and get one. A lot is said about this being a monster full-flavor, but it isn't overpowering in any sense. Pick up the Antano 1970, you will not be disappointed.

Overall- A-

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