Monday, February 1, 2010

CUBAN - Partagas Series P - No. 2

Partagas Series P - No. 2- This cigar is one of most coveted Cubans out there. It took the #10 spot on Cigar Aficianado's Top 25 for 2009, the 2nd Cuban after the Cohiba Siglo IV Tubo. Hand-made in Cuba, Partagas claims these cigars are made with the finest tobacco from the best plantations in the Vuelta Abajo region. One argument against Cubans is inconsistency in quality. I doubt that is a problem with one of Partagas' flagship lines. The Piramade size (basically a flared torpedo), is legendary to the Partagas brand. They stopped making the size in the 60's and didn't re-introduce it until 2000, when Partagas unveiled this line.
I'd like to thank a very close friend to me for supplying me with a few of these cigars from Europe. I've been waiting to smoke a Cuban for sometime now. Here is my chance!

Prelight-I'm very excited to smoke this cigar. My first Cuban! I'm hoping my excitement doesn't skew the results of my taste test. The cigar has an amazing feel to it. Spongy and firm; consistent throughout. It smells and feels very fresh. The wrapper is a lighter brown and has some medium sized veins on it. The Piramade size is beautiful. Looks like a Torpedo, but flares outward toward the foot. The band is classic and minimalist. Pumped up for the smoke, but sad to ruin this piece of work I cut the pointed cap. The prelight draw is fresh and almost has a minty wood taste. My mouth feels a little chalky as I pull the draw, but not in an unpleasant way. There is a very unique flavor on the prelight and I can't quite put my finger on it. Oh well, I'm not dwelling on it. Lets smoke this thing.

Sparking it- With a torch to the foot, we're in business. The flavor on the first few puffs is incredibly smooth and has mild to medium body on it. Not as strong as I expected, but smooth as can be. I blow out full clouds of creamy, light brown smoke. The draw is smooth and has a perfect amount of resistance to it. The burn is even and the ash holds well. The end of the cigar has a great feel when you bite down on it. I'm really enjoying this cigar. Just the smoothness I was looking for.

Smoking it- The burn stays even and cool. Not much resting smoke on this cigar(a thing I like). This stick tastes heavily of cocoa and has a sweet scent to it. There aren't as many flavors as I thought there might be, but the ones that are there taste great. The ash is a little flaky and has a peppery, dark grey color to it. This cigar did not meet my expectations, but I am not disappointed. If thought of as just another cigar; its great.
I've only been smoking cigars for a year or so and have always wanted to smoke a Cuban. I've heard everything from "You'll never want a non-cuban again," to "They are inconsistent in quality and there is nothing special." For me; the cigar is good - not amazing, but there is something special about a Cuban.
Every smoker that hasn't gotten their hands on a Cuban, should do their research, ask some friends and order a 5-pack of the stick that suits their taste. Overall, the cigar has a smooth creamy feel and tastes of cocoa. A good cigar all around.

Overall- A

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