Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tatuaje Cabinet (Brown Label)

Tatuaje Brown Label- The Tatuaje line is probably one of the most successful, "new-age" brands out on the market today. Conceptualized by a tattoo covered biker, hence the brand-name, "Tatuaje" (en espanol), this is yet another cigar blended by Don Pepin Garcia. The Cabinet line is hand-rolled in Little Havana, Miami and uses a triple-cap, much like the first cigars rolled in the US after the Cuban Embargo. The Tatuaje Cabinet series has received high ratings from the big sources for many of its sizes. The Noella size, which I will review today received a 92 by Cigar Insider. This particular cigar is made with Nicaraguan tobacco. Binder, wrapper and filler. I love a good Puro.

Prelight- This Tatuaje seems like a no non-sense stick. Unlike the over-the-top, look-at-me advertising of Cigar 101's, Matt Booth. The label is plain and traditional, but I've been searching for the Cabinet Brown Label Tatuaje, so I grabbed one. The wrapper is a rich-dark brown with no veins showing. The seams are tight-almost invisible- and the overall construction looks great.
The cigar smells fresh and a little sweet. The prelight draw has some spice to it. But nothing over-powering. Although I'm a sucker for a sexy label and an oily wrapper (which this wrapper isn't oily) - something about this cigar attracts me to it. A Nicaraguan Puro with a sweet prelight usually ends up with a special place in my heart. Lets light this bad boy.

Sparking it- The cigar lights with ease and I immediately like the flavor. Nothing about it is amazingly unique, but it has a great taste. The flavor has a hint of pepper but is a little earthy. It is also mildly sweet. The cigar starts with a beautifully-even burn and I don't move to ash for about an 1-1/2". I should have moved sooner because during my ash-durability test I end up with a chunk in lap. No biggie though. The ash held together like a rock as it hit my thigh. That says a lot about the quality of the build. So far so good. My first Tatuaje is turning into a good smoke.

Smoking it- The ash while strong, isn't attractive. It has a dark grey, peppery apprearance. The burn stays slow and even; not once has this cigar went uneven. I taste coffe and hints of licorice about half way through. The smoke is rich and abundant throughout. Another nice thing is the cigar burns cool; there isn't much resting smoke off the cherry, and the smoke that does eminate has a sweet aroma to it. As the cigar progresses, I start to get more of a leathery taste, but coffee still lingers in there.
I'm getting a nice cigar buzz off of this smoke. My eyes are relaxed and I just want to sink into my chair. Make sure you have a drink with this smoke as I find myself licking my lips quite a bit.
As cool as this cigar burns, I've had no issues with the cigar going out. Tatuaje has done a fine job on the construction of this stick. Unfortunately for me, I only bought one as a sample. At $9-$10 a stick, I find it to be a little ovepriced, but it is worth a try for the price. I can understand how this brand has become so popular in the world of cigars.
I've heard the Cabinet series (Brown Labels) are hard to come by as they are only provided to retailers that hopped on the Tatuaje line in the early days. The cigar is full flavor and medium bodied. Although I've got a nicotine buzz (pleasnt buzz), I'd say its medium strength. I'm not turning green like I did when I smoked he Oliva Series V. The smoother aromas give way to leather in the last third of the cigar, and I didn't find too much in the way of complexity to the stick.
Overall, the Tatuaje is a great smoke. Nice flavoring, amazing construction and impeccable burn. I recommend this cigar to teh more traditional smoker who doesn't find the new "edgier" cigar brands to be something they'd like. I'm younger and even I think the Room 101 advertisements are too much. If I see one more ad of the Room 101 guy staring at me- trying to look bad ass - or like he wants to kiss me, I'm going to have to write a rant on what a douchebag he is.
Anyways, I got my first Tatuaje, and I want another. Great smoke.

Overall- A-

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